By His Royal Heinous

The bride wanted a photo in front of a backdrop of sunflowers.

Years later, the groom lost his job and spent days scowling at his laptop screen, trying to look busy.

HER: “I’m never alone. You’re always here.”

She was right.

While she was at work, he planted sunflower seeds. Their yard became a jungle of yellow-maned monsters.

HER:  “Why so many?”

“I planted them for you.”

“It looks like crazy people live here.”

“Well, that’s sorta true.”

By morning, sunflower stalks were piled like cordwood by the curb, waiting for the trashman to carry them away.


10 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. Great story. I liked how as soon as he admitted to being a bit crazy, the sunflowers went. Just because she loved them wasn’t an excuse to let them go wild — for her husband to be stir crazy.


  2. A poignant tale well done. A lot of the drabbles I read are “slices of life”, but this is a true story, which is very hard to accomplish. This story packs a lot into what is not said. Thanks for writing it and keep up the good work.


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