Breast Confession

By Francis DiClementecalling-mobile-phone-person-3051

While walking on the Syracuse University campus on a blustery April day, a female student passes by me on a path. A smartphone is pressed to her ear and she says,

“I was in a room of about six people and I pulled it out and he started sucking on my tit right there.”

She continues walking down the path while I move in the opposite direction. I do not hear the rest of her conversation but I wonder who was on the other end of the phone.

And then I think: “Gosh, it must have been some party.”

8 thoughts on “Breast Confession

  1. “Party” is kind of logical. The story might be improved by going a couple of steps further and asking “where would it have been seen, if not at a party, someplace totally unexpected, out of the norm?” Better yet to have just hinted at where it might have happened. Maybe something like “I was with six friends waiting for the professional ethics to begin, when I pulled it out and Professor Delacroix started sucking my tit right there.” It just needs a quick, ironic twist or two to enliven it. Just a suggestion from the nether regions of my convoluted mind.


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