Anything that CAN happen WILL

Monkey-typingDear humans,

In the 1960’s—in an effort to test the Infinite Monkey Theorem (i.e., a monkey typing at random for an infinite amount of time will eventually type a given text, e.g., the complete works of Shakespeare.)—your government secretly launched me (and 999 of my cousins) into outer space along with 1,000 typewriters.

Our charge:  Just keep typing.

Our objective:  Shakespeare.

Well, by now you’ve probably figured out that this ain’t Shakespeare.

I’m sorry. But seriously guys, what did you expect from 1,000 monkeys?


Enos the Chimp & His Surviving Friends

PS – Your typewriters are, um … broken. (Oh, and send bananas.)

10 thoughts on “Anything that CAN happen WILL

  1. My university tried this same experiment in the 1970s. Ten monkeys and ten typewriters. After seven weeks four of the monkeys had typed “Valley of the Dolls.” The rest got jobs working for NBC.

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