3 Haikus for the 1%


By Orlando Raisin

you think your mansions

entitle you to gaze down:

but they cloak the world

. . .

and all its messy

strata; its turbulent joys:

you make yourself small

. . .

behind bentley glass

darkly filtering the world:

mean, trite, shrinking, hard.


5 thoughts on “3 Haikus for the 1%

  1. Actually, Summit Abrams, you misunderstand the poem’s target. It’s not wealthy people per se: there are plenty of good and compassionate people with lots of money. It was written after an encounter with wealthy people who clearly think they have attained a lofty and morally superior position due to their money, enabling them to look down on the world like gods. I was arguing that such a perspective makes them small. That is all.


  2. You generalized the rich by saying 1%, not me. I got your point, but that doesn’t make my statement any less true, no matter how zen and logical it sounds.

    If you make the rich and powerful an enemy, you’ll never be one is one of dualistic separation. Like “if you make the water cold it won’t be warm.

    But it’s true, if you make them an enemy they’ll squash you like a bug. Good people don’t live in mansions or have bentleys, or tinted windows (damn hooligans!) ? The truth is the “good” rich people aren’t powerful, if they were then why would we be in a situation where poor people like us have to write about the inequality.

    But, good haikus nonetheless.


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