My Woman

 A genuine leader, who loves to be showing, but not quite sure if she’s coming or going.

The guide to a city where she’s never been, but that doesn’t stop her describing the scene.

She may be lost, but still knows where to find a salon to colour her hair.
A natural authority on birds and bees,
and cars and flowers and botox and trees.
She dashes ahead, climbs over gates,
cuts across lanes, gesticulates.
Explains in great detail when none is required,
then thinks if you yawn, you must be tired.
Leaves the toilet seat down!

6 thoughts on “My Woman

      1. There are four functions to the human evacuation process, split evenly between both genders. Three of the four, are all spent sitting down with only one (by us) done while standing. Therefore, the default position of the toilet seat should be down. In fact, it shouldn’t be able to lift at all, it’s an unnecessary added on feature that’s designed to cater to our inherent laziness. So, if I were a woman I’d say, “Learn to pee sitting and down and quit bitching.”

        NAILED IT

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