Bandleader Bob

man-playing-a-saxophone-pvBy Cole Thomas

We worked in an office — a “cool” office, no cubicles! — and our team leader was Robert. We called him Bandleader Bob.
“We still meeting Bandleader Bob?”
“Way to take that on Bandleader Bob!”
Then one day, Bandleader Bob quit.
None of us were sure why. We speculated he was bored, or depressed.
Month’s later, after teammate Tina and I started dating, we visited a new Jazz Club downtown.
The quartet walked on at ten, and playing the sax was Bandleader Bob. His notes soared and Tina’s face melted.
And all that time we joked.

5 thoughts on “Bandleader Bob

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    Earlier this month a drabble of mine was published on the blog The Drabble. I wanted to share this with miss my readers, and I encourage everyone to follow this blog. Flash fiction published almost every day!


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