An Abundance of Similes

wordsBy Sathyaghan

Shimmering, like a million little diamonds. Glittering, like sparks of gold. Sparkling, like bubbles from a spring. Glowing, with the effulgence of the stars.

Rippling, in small waves, like a beacon. Splashing, like cool water falling on itself. Flowing, like a thought, faster than light. Tumbling, like thick locks of hair.

Cooling, like a pool in the desert. Refreshing, like a drink after thirst. Calming, like a full night’s sleep. Indulging, like a mother’s whisper.

Water, words, ideas, and whispers. Flowing, writing, emitting, and breathing. In simile and similarity. In family and familiarity. The fluids of thought.


10 thoughts on “An Abundance of Similes

  1. Reblogged this on Watch and Whirl and commented:
    …..As I work on writing the book I challenged myself to write, I try to learn as much as possible from other people who have been doing it longer than myself. So much to think about! I found this at a blog that posts 100 word stories. So many good ones. So many that provoke a thought our a feeling.

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