The Runner

His lungs burned but Adam pushed on. Early morning light filtered through the trees. The footpath curved around and into infinity. Every day he ran in the park to stay fit and to clear his mind: his morning ritual. Echoes of nightmares still sounded in his dreams, memories of explosions and gunfire. Running seemed to be the only thing that chased them off.  The bench lay just ahead. He stopped, as he always did to rest. Looking down, he admired the two long flat pieces of metal where his legs once were. His salvation. They kept him running.

13 thoughts on “The Runner

  1. Sounds like ol’ Oscar Pistorius (one of our ex Olympic athletes here in South Africa). Blade Runner, they called him. ‘Till he shot his girlfriend. Then they started calling him Blade Gunner, lol.

    Nice flash, sir!

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    1. Thank you. I have a son who is a US Marine. I hope I would never have to write a story like this about him, but for those who have sacrificed so much, I am respectfully in their debt.

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  2. I wasn’t expecting the end. My grandson is enlisting in the marines after his last year in high school. Knowing the instability of our world I fear so much for him.

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    1. I certainly understand your concern for your grandson. Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about my son. I try to focus on the positive things like the training and experience he’s getting and the difference he can make in situations like natural disasters when the military goes in for humanitarian reasons. I wish your grandson the best and hope he gets the most out of his enlistment.

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      1. Thank you – I know there can be a positive side, and there isn’t much for him where he lives when he graduates. originally he wanted to get a football scholarship but his mother moved around too much. Your son has enlisted, too. I suppose it is only natural to worry about those we love.

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