Peter in the Park

It didn’t matter how fast I pedaled my bike, Peter kept up. His front tire nudged my rear tire like he was trying to make me fall. I was scared to look back. Terrified of what would happen.

My legs burned as we raced to the gate to exit the park. His shadow inched closer to mine. I pedaled harder. Faster. I wish he would give up on this game and chase someone else to the other side.

I crossed the gate first and struck up the nerve to turn โ€“ Peter vanished like the legend said he would.

10 thoughts on “Peter in the Park

  1. I remember this game! Only we would ride carefully down the street trying on purpose to ‘kiss’ each other’s tires for as long as we could without having to put our feet down. Nice quick read ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. ‘Peter vanished like the legend said he would.’
    as i guessed! but this ending still gives the different feel. at first it looked like any race between friends, but oh, peter vanished
    good job and keep writing!


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