Life After Prom

promBy Tom Fegan

Prom night incinerated my springtime thoughts of love. Money wasted for the flower, rented tux, tickets, and dinner pierced my soul. The evening ended with only a goodnight kiss. I sank into shadows of despair. My younger buddies maliciously teased of my infatuation gone sour. Time healed my broken heart.

A year later, they sought my counsel when slapped by their prom dates with a thread-bare wallet.  Dreams of romance and a glamorous evening crushed. “There is life after prom,” I began. “Next time don’t put such expectations on one girl and move forward.”


One thought on “Life After Prom

  1. Every day should be looked upon as prom, in a way. If instead of focusing on the results of our efforts we relish the individual moments presented to us, I suspect those thread-bare wallets would be filled with indelible memories that last a lifetime 😉


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