Please Pass the Sheep Butt

Image from McCarthy. McCarthy

By Karina Pinella

I was a health nut back in the day when antibiotic-free birds cost an arm and a leg. I worried about eating meat injected with antibiotics. So, I became a vegetarian. My eyes glazed from two hours of eating a bag of carrots and celery. Vegetarian recipes then took me three hours to prepare and five minutes to eat. I was hungry not too long after that.

Now, I’m on a paleo diet. When you open my refrigerator, you might see a cow’s head. Next week, I plan to serve sheep butt, which by the way, is the healthiest cut.


5 thoughts on “Please Pass the Sheep Butt

  1. I’m a lazy vegetarian :-). Trust me there are many veggie recipes you can make in 30 minutes or less, and many convenience meals that you can make in much less time than that, even though they aren’t as healthy.

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