Beneath a Concrete Sky

Artwork provided by author.
Artwork provided by author.

By Alex Rankin

“Maybe we should call the police.”
Steve shuffled down the steep incline, heart pumping while a river churned black below. “I just want to see.”
He reached the gravel bank and looked carefully about. Up ahead, the canal swerved between graffiti covered columns, meeting with a shaft of sunlight that found its way beneath the concrete sky.

It fell just short of a figure that was slumped on the floor.

Josh said something else, but the sound didn’t penetrate. Steve’s mind was racing, in competition with his heartbeat. He took a step in the dirt.


4 thoughts on “Beneath a Concrete Sky

  1. And so begins who-knows-how-many horror stories. Still, I can understand it – yes, maybe we should call the cops, but what if it’s just a mannequin? What you can see doesn’t really look human. Better make sure…


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