If you want to be truly against establishment, here is what you can do with social networks: do not use hashtags. If it is not too much trouble, share the content, not the links. Dole out your opinions and wisdom in the littlest of ways, do not write a blog post just to say how good your lunch was or how awful the traffic is. Humanize. Simplify. Do not go after your followers; remember who is following. Confuse the network analysts.
Because anarchists do not form groups.

One thought on “#Untitled

  1. Really? Are there anarchist still left out there? Seems a bit weird saying your antiestablishment while you´re using one of the greatest tools the so called establishment has. Internet, and just by using it you´re giving a ton of money to corporations indirectly and directly. Hard to be an anarchist now a days, unless you start living on a cave nude and hunt. But don´t hunt lions, like Cecil, that was sad. I could not stop thinking about Cecil the lion even when there is a genocide in Africa, I could only think of the awful doctor who killed my Cecil….. We should hang that bastard! Forget about human rights and genocide´s. Just saying, a bit of perspective from my inperspective.


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