light-green-nephrite-pendantBy Prospero Dae

He had given her earrings of white nephrite jade to mark their fifth anniversary, a token of remembrance for five days of uninterrupted bliss, spent chaotically in a cozy cockloft. But in time the passion would dissipate, as grey, wispy fog in an old apple orchard dissolves when first confronted with the opalescent splendor of morning light. Some cruel months elapsed and she returned to him the memento.

Many years later she married a poor man and bore him a son. The boy, at five, was afflicted with a rare blood disorder. An anonymous donation saved the infant’s life.


5 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Those who measure anniversaries in days—especially days spent in a chicken coop—are almost certainly courting cruel disappointment. On the other hand, white nephrite jade is believed in some cultures, including New Age gemologists, to bless whomever it touches. Perhaps that’s what happened here: a journey from blissing to, finally, blessing.


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