An Expected Goodbye

lily-of-the-valley-681146_1280By Karla Dia

Dear Kate,

I really am sorry  for any panic I caused when you found I was not home.

Put simply, I am leaving you for another woman.  Her name is Elaine. I met her online, so there’s no need to go interrogating our friends.

This can’t have hit you as a surprise.  Our marriage has only been a comfortable and convenient arrangement for years-

Kate stopped reading at that point.  She crumpled up the note and stuffed it into a vase filled with water.  Soon that vase would hold flowers from her boyfriend, “Elaine.”  Her plan had worked perfectly.

8 thoughts on “An Expected Goodbye

  1. Thinking this was just another broken love story, I almost stopped reading before the end of the note. I’m so glad I kept going. The ending was great.


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