Exchange Only Policy

potion-575710_1280By Joy Pixley

“An invisibility potion?” Voj grinned. “I could spy on my companions.”

The merchant shook her head.  “Nobody should hear what people say behind their backs, sir.”

“Strength?   There’s a nasty bruiser I wouldn’t mind thrashing.”

“After it wears off, he’ll be even nastier.”

“I know—flying!”

“Takes practice.  Mostly crashing and vomiting at first.”

Voj frowned at the useless vial he held.

“What would you recommend?”

She presented a bottle. “One drop makes any dish delicious.”

He scoffed.  “What good is that?”

“Well, you’d enjoy your dinner.”

Voj pictured the journey ahead.  All those taverns.  He shrugged.  “It’s a deal.”


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