A Place for Me

photo-1430768551210-39e44f142041By Liz
I dream of a faraway place
Where the wind blows strong
Brushing against my skin, and filling my lungs
Where the air I breath wakes my spirit,
and makes me new
I dream of a place where I feel free
Where I’m unafraid, where I am me
Unbound by worries and anxieties
Just a place where I can be

5 thoughts on “A Place for Me

  1. ….unbound by worries and anxiety,
    just a place where I can be.

    A place of me and my musing fits,
    where the sky meets the seas and sunshine filters into my soul.

    A place where my worries leaves no scars,
    and my joy lingers a moment still.

    My place of Nirvana,
    with fronds of azalea lining the corners of my dreams.

    a place for me.

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