Is it possible to escape?
     It greets me in the morning, follows me through the day,
and whispers when I sleep.
There is little I could do to numb its presence.
     When I do, it falls into the deep oceans of my mind,
where the dark depths hide its face.
But soon again, it returns to the surface and pins itself to the walls of my mind.
     Perhaps it flies to the far side of the world, but it never fails to find me once again.
 Is it possible to escape?

6 thoughts on “Depression.

  1. Depression haunts too many of us. I fight depression on a regular basis. Even after a moment of peace and joy, it will come banging on my door. I look to scripture for the Word says that my help comes from the Lord. I pray and seek guidance, and then I talk with friends who are compassionate and understanding. I know there are areas in my life that still need healing and that I must deal with those things because they are the doors that depression keeps knocking on. So sometimes it is a day by day battle and other times it is a minute to minute, but I have not given up.

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  2. Is it possible to escape?.
    …depression is the hole in time that sucks in all our flaws.

    Wrenches us from the luscious thrills of life..
    yanks us here, and there
    Until nothing appeals but our loneliness.

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    1. I know it feels like depression is a trap that you cannot escape from, but I believe with effort and faith in Jesus yes we can escape depression and it’s suffocating hold it has had on us.


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