Jump Back

Image provided by author.
Image provided by author.
The girl looked familiar.
On her knees, fingers feeling the sidewalk surface, glossy nails searching between the slabs, she looked helpless, as though blind.
“Can I help you?” Reluctantly, late for the meeting on the 95th floor.
She ignored me.
“Look, I’d like to help, but I’m late.”
“No, wait, please, you mustn’t go. Help me look.”
“What are you trying to find?” Checking my watch.
A shadow flitted over us, her answer lost in an explosion of sound above.
Distracted, I looked up, “What did you say?”
“Myself.” She replied. “My life.”
When l looked down she had gone …

11 thoughts on “Jump Back

    1. It is about the Twin Towers Russell. The woman is the ghost of a Jumper come back in time. She delays the man who is hurrying to a meeting at a floor above where the first plane hits. The explosion above is the plane crashing into the tower.

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  1. This is powerful. Loved it. I have been that girl many times. But I was a guy. Most of the time. Sometimes – like that brief period in college – I wasn’t so sure.


  2. This is intrigueing. And in away I could totally relate to your character down on the ground looking between the slabs for herself. Sometimes that’s the hardest person to find. Great job as always. I love reading your stories.

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