15 Best Drabbles of 2015


To celebrate the conclusion of the first calendar year of our existence, Drabble editors (both of us) have compiled a list of some our favorite posts of 2015.

While we are grateful to every Drabble reader and writer for helping to make this small corner of the Internet such an unexpected success, we wanted to call out a few pieces that we feel truly accomplished what we were setting out to do when we began this blog back in March.

It was a difficult task, as there were so many great pieces; but here (in no particular order) are 15 drabbles we truly loved:

Beach Day by Susan Durham

Daydream by Kazz

A Fresh Angle by Nick Dunster

Snap Shot by Rebecca Lee

Leaves #2  by Moshe K.

An Impossible Certainty by Author Unknown

An Expected Goodbye by Karla Dia

Anything that CAN happen WILL by Enos the Space Monkey

Tomorrow Never Comes by By Shyamala Sathiaseelan

Try Not to Slip by Craig Towsley

The Novelist’s Kingdom by Daniel Boshoff

I Can’t Sleep by Azul Serena

Walking the Writer’s Plank by Noshin

Coming Out by Emma

Adrift by Tom H.

Happy drabbling in 2016! And don’t forget to submit! Oh, and please consider following us on twitter @the_drabble

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