Just like me, she is standing at the bus stop ready to board the bus. Something tells me she is hungry, she needs food. I am thinking about giving my son’s snack to her, and I ask him if I could.

She boards the bus and stands beside us. Before I have the chance to speak to her, she gets off the bus and walks away. Strange, I think.
My son says, “Ma, I didn’t feel safe with that woman.” I reach for my bag, only to find that my purse is gone.

7 thoughts on “Hungry

  1. Some people go hungry for doing nothing wrong, others go hungry because they did something wrong. But I’m sure if you ask the addict in the alley, or the woman who stole your purse, their addictions and depravity are a result of earlier hardships which they suffered for doing nothing wrong.

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  2. I definitely agree with beenculverted when they say that there is always a story behind a person’s actions, and while we may not understand, there’s always more to someone than the face they put on. This is a great drabble!


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