In the Planetarium


By Alex Munro

They flowed nebulously into the foyer, buffeted by the rain.

Stairs stretched out ahead, beckoning.  Early – they sat in silence; gaze refusing to meet, eyes slid off of each other like snowflakes hitting a radiator.

Ushered in, they took their seats. The show began.

Stars stretched out in infinite grace; breathtaking and beautiful. The music swelled, mercurial and purposeful. Wonders swirled, a visceral balletic crescendo. The audience, except the couple, applauded.

Rising from their chairs; tenuous and vague, twin wisps of smoke.  Conciliatory, hands clasped; momentarily tightening, then falling loose.

The space that she left could never be filled.


One thought on “In the Planetarium

  1. Reblogged this on The Incidentalist and commented:
    I normally don’t post this early in the week.

    It’s a common occurrence that I gather my jumbled thoughts, and then scramble those thoughts into some type of baffling composite; a non-linear word omelette, which I unleash in all it’s irrational, made-from-stuff-I-found-at-the-back-of-my-mental-fridge glory on a Friday.

    Today, however, I have had one of my Drabbles (100 word short stories) published on the Drabble blog – so am extremely excited.

    Well, getting some of my fiction published or noticed was the primary intention of becoming a blogger, that and attempting to become a freelance writer.

    So, thank you Drabbler for choosing my work, it makes all the difference and inspires me to keep writing and submitting.


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