Writing my Way to Empowerment


By Joan Zlotnick

As a caregiver and widow, I learned that by writing I could regain some control over my life. When I wrote, I was finally in charge of something. I couldn’t change the facts of my life, but I could copy, paste, and delete. I could express — or not express — emotions; it was my decision what to put in, leave out, or elaborate upon.

Equally important, writing empowered me to bring hope and relief to others. As the poet Jane Kenyon explained, consolation is one soul telling another, “I’ve been there, too.”


5 thoughts on “Writing my Way to Empowerment

  1. Writing is a wonderful solution to so many of life’s stresses. Like a safety valve where all woes and fears can be expressed and expunged with a simple blog, a short story, A novel…


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