Living with the Pain


By Tremaine L. Loadholt

it wasn’t easy to get over you,
but as the days went by,
so did the images of your
airy personality.

I waded through pools of tears,
dreading the heavy steps
your feet placed on my heart.
You were ready to leave
before I could get enough of you.
During the lonely hours,
I contemplate picking up
the phone to see if you
still sound the same, then I remember
you’re married with children,
and I let it all go.
How did you become
such a master at
breaking my heart without
even knowing it?

2 thoughts on “Living with the Pain

  1. Reblogged this on a cornered gurl… and commented:
    Living with the Pain, accepted at The Drabble. I love this space and the opportunity it gives writers to submit their works for consideration. I’ve found some tremendous writers solely by clicking “Follow.”


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