The Caress of Spring

By Sandy Wilson
Spring arrives
The tantalizing
slow caress
of a lover’s hand
on my body
as I awake from
deep sleep
dark dreams
Spring arrives
The disinterred
dormant plants
seek life
thrust through
winter’s ruins
dead leaves
brittle twigs
Spring arrives
The released
leaves unfurl
spills color
to welcome
the warmth
the Sun
Spring arrives
The sunlight
dances on
my face
colour fills
my eyes
my ears

5 thoughts on “The Caress of Spring

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Whether it is a poem or prose? Well until September last year, when I joined a writing group I had never written a poem. So, with my level of expertise it’s hard for me to say. It does work better if split into verses, each starting with Spring arrives. But Drabble set it out the way it is. Personally I think something is prose if you could rearrange the piece in sentences.


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