Pursuing the Irrevocable

Oh such teary eyes with tears
slowly flowing, an urging pain,
an excruciating pain, unstoppable,
undeniable, real, real sadness
How messy had it been when I
tried to push and pull things
on my own, I drag myself like
a prisoner with chains around me
I created a poison for myself and
at its innocence, it can’t figure out
why I did so, and so I looked at
myself again and unchained it
Never have I felt such relief,
I freed the things I kept not
my own and returned it to
its owner who patiently waited

4 thoughts on “Pursuing the Irrevocable

  1. Is this iambic? It reads like it.
    Loved it in fact, quick question. How do you choose the words for your prose? Do they just feel right to you? A kind of instinctive pick? I can never right good poetry because I spend days mulling over the words


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