Winter’s Last Battle

Image provided by author.
I am winter
bringer of darkness
and death
Like Bonaparte
I have laid waste
to your lands
Chilled you to
your very souls
You, Spring
bringer of light
and life
you thought I had left
Retreated in defeat
from this never ending
battle of the seasons
You, Spring
began to celebrate
Rolled out floral carpets
to colour the land
Began to unfurl leaves
banners to joyfully wave
Birds sang songs
Of victory
I, Winter
have returned
To drain your world
of all color
Smother your lands
with pale snow
and silence the birds
This is my Waterloo

5 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Battle

  1. Wonderful description of winter as this conquered, fierce and corrupted. But their is hopes the poet wrote in the last line “this is my Waterloo” winter’s last stand. Love the imagery “unfurl leaves / banners to joyfully wave.”

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  2. Loved the writing!
    As a Canadian still dragging through the unrelenting grip of winter, I most definitely welcome the floral carpets and unfurled leaves!


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