The Fieldmouse

By Fred
In dead of night, and unafraid,
The fieldmouse from its house had strayed.
This creature small, a tiny ball
Climbed a stem, through wind and squall.
But shadow cast by eerie moon,
Warned it of impending doom.
An owl, hunting from on high
Swooped low, emitting fearful cry.
Claws spread wide, open beak,
Plunged upon its prey to keep.
Filled with fear, mouse turned to run,
Owl drew near, the race was on.
In combats past it got away
And lived to see another day.
But fate decreed the night had come
For mouse to end in owl’s fat tum!

6 thoughts on “The Fieldmouse

  1. I enjoyed this poem. Well written and the poet created great suspense throughout the poem as the field mice tried to escape the owl. It seems a good thing “owl didn’t get his way” because the mouse lives another time, because often nature isn’t so nice. Well written.

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