By Candy Ray

On holiday the family always photographed one another. They posed next to loved ones with a fixed smile and sometimes with an arm held stiffly around their shoulders, standing in front of the scenery.

I photographed a lone seagull high in the sky with blue reaching to the edge of the frame, and a dainty Japanese water garden in close-up, greenery filling it right to the edge. I lay on the ground and held the camera above my head to snap a young tree covered in pink blossom.

They said, “There is nothing in your photos.”



2 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. It’s funny how we associate photos of people with photos that have actual content, whereas photos without people are somehow “dull” or not worth looking at. The world is filled with wonders that sometimes people cannot embody. And isn’t it so, that when we go on holiday or go strolling around we’re not only going out to be absorbed by the people we’re with, but with the environment we are treading through?

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