Sleep on Needles


By intrudesite

She was just a baby when they diagnosed her with acute leukemia. She did not understand all the words, she feared the pricks given countless times and drawing blood to see if cells stopped multiplying. Her eyes, black holes of dead stars, her head did not sense the absence of black curls needed to be cut. She slept as though she fought death every night between piercing needles. Then it all stopped. She was in remission! Finally she could sleep, I thought, till she brought me a needle and begged me to prick her. The pain made her sleep.


11 thoughts on “Sleep on Needles

    1. Learnt helplessness in a baby , for her the entire treatment was assault on her body. All her trusted adults helped her get pricked, she believed that she deserved it and once they do that she could sleep….and it was so difficult to make her understand that she deserved a life with out pain. And it was all to save her life…..

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