Choosing Up Sides

By Moshe Kessler

The little boy stood totem-like
Frozen, his feet two cement blocks
Wanting to shout out “choose me”
But no sound came from his mouth
As if beavers had dammed up the flow of words
All he could do was look on in silence
As the first boy was taken.

Yes, there was an inner voice
Move a little closer
You don’t have to say anything
Just let them see you.

But he stayed in place
What if they see and don’t take me?
Like the last puppy left in the litter
No, I’ll stay just where I am.


4 thoughts on “Choosing Up Sides

  1. This poem was a difficult one for me to write. That little boy was me. I had so much fear of people saying no to me that I had difficulty asking for what I wanted and needed. Those feelings followed me into adulthood. Through much transformational work I am able today to ask for receive what will make me a more complete and whole person. And for that, I’m extremely grateful


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