Keeping Peace


By S.M. Nolan

Keeping Peace
is a wise man’s game,
as opening doors,
is never the same,
for the weakened and weary,
deaf and the lame.

Making war,
is for those in the tower,
who send men to die,
while they wither and cower
(and meanwhile their public’s,
hearts and minds sour.)

Loving life,
is for they whom live well—
with love in their minds,
and kind stories to tell,
and nothing more,
than greatness to fell.

But speaking words,
whether written or heard,
is for those who watch,
the wonderfully absurd,
and as they observe,
give reasons to cherish,
the whitened bird.


One thought on “Keeping Peace

  1. These words do give reasons to cherish: there’s little sun shining in through my window at the moment; but it suddenly feels like the sunbeams have arrived.


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