By Chika Ojukwu

Shadows shroud my surroundings, miniscule tendrils creeping into all my openings, consuming me inside and out. I don’t feel invaded, and I don’t feel violated. I’m finally getting attention, something I crave in the dark hours of the night. This smothering is addictive, I love it and hate it at the same time. This unknown period is my oasis of feeling and emotion. During the day, I crave its touch that lulls me to sleep. I wonder every day what this sublime presence is, but I have no answers. But when the day comes up, I know, it is DUSK.


One thought on “Dusk

  1. Hello beautiful readers, my name is Chika Ojukwu. I am the author of this creative writing piece. I poured my heart and soul in this and I hope you enjoy. If you want more posts like this, visit my blog at thephotopoetblog.wordpress.com. Have a great day!


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