Good Enough


By Tyrean Martinson

He wasn’t good enough. That’s what she said with her eyes, the turn of her shoulders, the set of her mouth. But he was there for her when she broke her foot, when she needed groceries, and when she needed to put out the trash in the dark. He returned from the darkness to find the light still on in her kitchen, so he entered without knocking and forced her against the fridge. He didn’t wait for a glance, or a nod, but he took what he wanted how he wanted it. Then, she wasn’t good enough for him anymore.

4 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. Powerful and sad tale. He’s not good enough, even though he helps her. Sad he was so angry that the anger built up and he raped her. Trying to get back his power as TheSpoonMage says. I wonder why she is no longer good enough, because she wouldn’t give it to him before?

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  2. No, it’s terrible. I was trying to get into the mind of the kind of person I think is the worst kind of villain – the kind that think that his/her wants are more important to anyone else. He is supposed to be horrible, a commentary on the culture of “he couldn’t help himself.”


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