Pregame Jitters


By Andrew Bailey

He wasn’t sure whether to keep his eyes on the clock, wall, or his slowly emptying coffee mug, so he just cycled through the three. Clock, wall, mug, clock, wall, mug.

“Can I top you off?” He looked up nervously at the waitress, sliding the mug toward her for an easier pour. She walked away, only the corner of her mouth trying to fake a smile.

He looked at the clock. Soon it’d be time. Another mug of coffee.

That’s when he’d rob the place.

Of course, that’s what he said four mugs ago.


6 thoughts on “Pregame Jitters

  1. I really like the way you create a scene or an idea in simply one paragraph or so, is a great writing practise activity. Do you write anything longer? (Sorry if you do and it’s in your blog I just haven’t found it yet).


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