That’s My Cake


By Mike Jackson

“Just want to let you know kid, in case you were wondering, that last cake, the chocolate éclair, it’s got my name on it. Touch it and I’ll have your fingers off!”

“Mum, mum, Aunt Sally’s dog just said he’s gong to bite me. He says the chocolate éclair’s his.”

“Don’t be silly dear, little Henry can’t talk, he’s a dog. Now play nicely with him, there’s a darling. And don’t feed him any of your cake, Aunt Sally has got him on a strict diet.”

“Well kid, it’s up to you. What’s it going to be, cake or fingers?”

Bio: Mike Jackson is a retired primary school headteacher living in the UK. He now has time to enjoy writing – mainly flash fiction and short stories.


5 thoughts on “That’s My Cake

  1. This is a fun piece of flash fiction. I like it quite a bit. As a dog owner I’ve often wondered what Otis is saying to me as he looks and twists his head to the side. Hopefully he has no plans to grab my fingers. Thanks for sharing.


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