Nikola and the Pigeon


By Bethany van Sterling

He unhooked the latch of the filigree door, watching her pristine feathers flutter at the anticipation of freedom. His blink gathered a tear at the ducts, but he quickly collected his scientist’s stoicism. After three months of recuperation, he knew he’d have to abide the laws of nature. She bobbed her head and inched forward, her onyx eyes reflecting the swirls of sun yellow, sky blue and brick red like two plasmic orbs. Divine, immaculate, his heart sang, as she stretched her wings and soared towards the clouds from the hotel balcony. A salty trickle stung his cheek like electricity.

Bio: Bethany van Sterling’s work has appeared in webzines such as Friday Flash Fiction, T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog, and Midnight Circle, as well as in the anthologies History Will Be Kind (The Copperfield Review, 2015), Crossing Over (Thirteen O’Clock Press, 2015), and First Steps (Madrid Writers’ Club Anthology, 2014). She resides in Madrid, Spain.


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