Locker Room Talk


By DMGbyrnes

“I froze.
Remembering all the times before.
‘Shhh, just let it happen’ in my ear
Shivering, trembling
My body said no
There was never ‘yes’
But that didn’t matter
He wanted
I’m on mute
He added his own dialogue
Guttural noises, whimpers
Shockwaves and ripple effects
Past counting
Forever palpitating heart
‘Just between us’ he whispers, demands
‘For your sake’ a final caress
First my body, now my silence
I never knew it would be
All of me that shattered…
I’m still gathering the pieces…
What about you? Not still blaming yourself, I hope…?”
This is our
Locker room talk …

12 thoughts on “Locker Room Talk

    1. Then definitely mission accomplished. I had been trying to write a poem to exactly counter that heinous, deplorable excuse from that detestable individual and it kept being too much for me. Then I decided to write some drabble, and so it is as you see. Sometimes brevity does more than verbosity. Thank you.

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