I Hate Being a Quadriplegic


By David P. Cantrell

I hate having a damaged wheelchair.
I hate getting the run-around from vendors.
I hate relying on a doctor I barely know.

I love being alive.
I love having mobility.
I love knowing someone will fix it.
I love believing in others, even strangers.

Life is good, but it can be a pain in the ass.
Oh, I also hate colonoscopies.


4 thoughts on “I Hate Being a Quadriplegic

  1. Silver Linings:

    Never having to scrape dog shit off the bottom of your shoes.

    Never getting bruises on your forehead from bumping into the tops of doors like my 6’9″ friend.

    Never touching filthy stair railings covered in stranger’s personal fluids. (Ditto: shopping carts)

    Never having to worry about tears in the back of your pants.

    Portable beer fart concealer/collector.

    Spectacular view of miniskirts.

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