A Brief Depiction of Melancholy


By Arielle Tipa

The girl succeeded in defeating the quiet, as well as annihilating the clamour of idleness. She snarled, sputtered, screamed, and whispered broken sentiments. The girl was shredding paper in her room as she struggled to breathe. Her face was melting, mucus and tears running amok, struggling to hide any evidence of serenity a person’s skin may bear. Wisps of memories floated and dismounted upon the floor; pages from fairy tales, scrapbook photos, old diaries and biographies of former selves.

Fantasy wasn’t making a living for her, and neither were childhood-scented daydreams. The girl was pinned between love and necessity.

Bio: Arielle is a writer and poet based in New York. She launched Fair Folk, a journal of the fantastic, in 2016.


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