Conversations with Grandad


By Jamie Thunder

Conversations with Grandad never last long. For years they would follow a pattern: the same well-worn 30 seconds, comfortable as slippers, until he said “Here’s your grandma,” and handed over the phone. Now, I tell him my news, a rehearsed monologue, and he says “Right-o,” or “Jolly good,” and then we say goodbye and he hangs up, and I think of him moving back to his chair, carefully putting a hand out for support in case he falls.

Biography: Jamie’s work has appeared in Storgy, Spelk Fiction, The Pygmy Giant, and The Drabble Quarterly.

6 thoughts on “Conversations with Grandad

  1. So sweet. Grandads are not the chattiest folks. Mine was like that, too. I realized that he was the first one on the phone and along with his 30 seconds of “Good!” and “Alright then” was, however muted, an expression of his real affection for me. I still smile when I think of those micro-chats, knowing that hearing my voice made him smile as well.

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  2. My grandad had Huntingtons Disease and because we lived a few hours away Id only see him once a year and our conversations were much like this probably because of both those factors or maybe it’s just a grandad thing. Thanks for posting something really relatable xx

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