The Creation


By Michael Croban

And so, it was done. He created man, and he created god. He became immortal. White-bearded god looked wise and all-powerful, floating on a nebulous cloud, surrounded by his wingless cherubs. The man’s muscular body rested as though he was tired from the creation itself. God and man were looking at each other, reaching their hands towards each other. But, they could never touch. This frozen moment separated them for all eternity. What would become of a man if God could never reach him? Michelangelo stood silently as he gazed at his masterpiece. He left the chapel feeling completely satisfied.


2 thoughts on “The Creation

  1. Sharply written piece. You don’tr realize the artist is speaking until the end, as if he is playing God. Interesting its mentioned that God and man can never reach. As if the famous artist thinks that’s how it should be.I found this fascinating, as for my own beliefs. That God can reach man, no matter when or where he is. A great painters belief that the divine and humanity are separate, is the thoughts of a man, not realizing how small he actually is. To me anyways. Thoughtful write!


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