Old Man Winter


By Lekha Murali

“Half an inch? hmm … too little, maybe an inch. That’s too much. Three-fourths seems about right. There now, just enough to cover the thin sheet of ice. There I’ve turned my kingdom into a skating rink,” he told himself with a wicked gleam.

“Wakey, wakey people, the sun is up, the sky is blue, the air is clear. It’s another brisk winter’s day. Come on, get into your cars and start your day,” Old Man Winter laughed, “Let the show begin.”

6 thoughts on “Old Man Winter

  1. Yes, you are right about unsettling and malicious.

    I don’t know why I imagine Old Man Winter like that. Must be from all the fairy tales I read long ago. I think of him as a dreary, lonely old man, just miserable from that cold, unbroken stretch of time. This seems to be his fun, I guess.

    I am glad you got it in the sense that it was written. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Reblogged this on LM Expressions and commented:
    This was a piece I wrote for, “The Drabble”, a website I visit regularly, where each piece is less than one hundred words.
    Irrespective of whether I like a piece or not, I enjoy reading all of them, because the published pieces has a quality of writing that is missing these days in literature.
    I appreciate that the editors, uphold these standards they expect from the writers.

    Hope you visit the website: thedrabble.wordpress.com


  3. CommuterLit.com is running a week long look at “surviving winter”. The e-zine is based in Toronto, which is a place that Canadians move to, to escape other, *really cold* places in the country. Canadians, of course, have 1,400 distinct swear words associated with a snow-filled driveway.

    Put your toque on, eh?


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