Church Food


By Chris Milam

We all squirm because we are all early; the volunteers haven’t emerged from the kitchen yet. Staring into the hive of havenots, two thoughts occur: Who can I bum a cigarette from? and I hope they serve cheeseburgers with absolution.

Teenagers finally float from the back carrying trays of meatloaf, green beans, and applesauce. I inhaled four plates plus three oatmeal cookies. The kids were mannerly and soft-spoken and angelic. They won’t land here on a Friday evening when they’re my age.

A smiling, faithful woman hands me two meals in Styrofoam boxes to take home. It’s almost cruel.

8 thoughts on “Church Food

  1. Absolution is, in fact, universally served with a funnel cake, spicy tuna roll (sushi), and doubleshot (1/2 everclear 1/2 dark rum). This is the meal you must down before crossing the pearly gates. Haha! Yes.


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