His Staggering Lack of Ambition


By Gary Duncan

She said, “I’ll be honest, I’ve had a few partners.” He thought it would be ungentlemanly to ask how many, but she told him anyway. It was a lot. She was a contortionist, and French, so he wasn’t completely surprised.

“But I want to settle down,” she said, effortlessly wrapping a leg around her neck. “Quit everything and live a boring life. With you. No more sequins and Spandex for me.”

His mind raced. Those elastic legs. Ahead of him, a lifetime of acrobatic sex. But he knew it would never work. He couldn’t even touch his toes.

Gary Duncan’s flash fiction collection, You’re Not Supposed to Cry, is available to preorder from Vagabond Voices. He edits Spelk Fiction.


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