By Tim Love

Suppose one person’s death could save the lives of many others by providing them with vital organs. Should the state intervene for the greater good?

In 2007 I wrote a story called “Going.” I entered it in a couple of competitions before deciding that no one wanted it. Its street market went into “Late” (published in By All Means), the tea flavours went into “Out” (Ink, Sweat and Tears), and the passage about hearing noises downstairs appeared in “Correspondence” (Necessary Fiction). None of those other stories were true, though “Going” was. Did I do the right thing?


7 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Sometimes the truth isn’t all that interesting – the joy of fiction! But in your case, I’d say any press is good press. I’ve had photographs published that I wouldn’t consider my all time favorite work but I know I did my best to create it, and through meeting the right people, it worked it’s way into magazines. So keep it up, there’s always someone out there that wants it!


  2. Seems to me that “Going”‘s most vital organs were shared with venues that would clearly benefit. Sounds like the intervention was clearly for the greater good. Fiction or not, you done right Dude!


  3. I’m not 100% sure if I’ve understood correctly, but if I have, I’d say no, you haven’t.
    There’s nothing wrong with taking a bit from real life every now and again. Just don’t give out someone’s right to privacy 🙂


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