By Kaleiyah-P

Sleek thieves bequeathed black masks, the smell of rain clings to their bodies. As bristled as a broom, their fur kicks up dust as they trot through the attic above me. One after the other. Like nails clattering onto a desk. Again and again and again. High-pitched chattering, purrs of excitement, more bumps against the walls.

I lay still in my bed, wanting the madness to stop. Yet I make no sound. I hear their guttural, pitiful chirps. I hear their hisses, their lonely conversations.

Then, silence.

I face my alarm clock.

2:47 A.M.

I’ve had enough.


4 thoughts on “Raccoons

    1. There’s nothing quite like raccoons in your attic at 2 in the morning to remind you that nature is the boss.

      Also, thank you for considering sharing this piece with your poetry group 😀 ! I’m actually quite surprised, as I wrote it to be quite prose-y. If I may ask, what qualities about it made you wish to share it to your poetry group? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Thank you for commenting!


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