By Kaleiyah-P

Sleek thieves bequeathed black masks, the smell of rain clings to their bodies. As bristled as a broom, their fur kicks up dust as they trot through the attic above me. One after the other. Like nails clattering onto a desk. Again and again and again. High-pitched chattering, purrs of excitement, more bumps against the walls.

I lay still in my bed, wanting the madness to stop. Yet I make no sound. I hear their guttural, pitiful chirps. I hear their hisses, their lonely conversations.

Then, silence.

I face my alarm clock.

2:47 A.M.

I’ve had enough.


5 thoughts on “Raccoons

    1. There’s nothing quite like raccoons in your attic at 2 in the morning to remind you that nature is the boss.

      Also, thank you for considering sharing this piece with your poetry group 😀 ! I’m actually quite surprised, as I wrote it to be quite prose-y. If I may ask, what qualities about it made you wish to share it to your poetry group? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Thank you for commenting!


  1. Third summer in a row I’ve had this problem. I can’t sleep, they are getting aggressive and no longer are scared of us, their human cohabitants. Last year one managed to push the attic hatch down enough to peek through, saw me, and still insisted on trying to come down! Insulation is town up and drywall is starting to crack under their weight. Waiting for one to fall on my face while I sleep.

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