How Do You Like Your Cuy?


By Sankar Chatterjee

Ken Barrington finished his exploration of the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru. While departing, his trailguide, Boris, would suggest that Ken stop at Ollantaytambo to get a taste of a local dish of cuy. Ken stopped at a grill in Ollantaytambo, ordering a drink and the item.

The waitress: “How do you like your cuy? Rare, medium-rare or well-done?”

Ken, realizing his own ignorance: “What’s a cuy-dish?”

The waitress: “A whole grilled guineapig, with all its toes and eyes intact.”

Ken remembered his two boyhood guineapig pets, lovingly named Lennon and Harrison. He changed his order to a grilled salmon-trout.

Bio: Sankar Chatterjee’s essays have appeared in Funny in Five Hundred, Friday Flash Fiction, The Vignette Review and Wilderness House Literary Review.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Cuy?

  1. Brilliant – This happened to me many years ago – they brought it to our table in four equally grotesque quarters…


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