Lives Short-Circuited by The Screen


By Mark Marchand

It’s a rainy Wednesday afternoon at the university where I teach. As I enter the vestibule of a building, 12 students stand inside waiting for a bus. No one is talking. All have their heads stooped forward, gazing at smart phones. I think to myself: How many chance encounters, conversations are being missed? How many potential relationships, perhaps marriages, won’t start? How many children might not ever be born because potential parents are studying social media or email instead of passing the time making small talk with the man or woman next to them? I glide through, unnoticed.


9 thoughts on “Lives Short-Circuited by The Screen

  1. A great write and all-too-common experience. Even more tragic: Often these zombies are actually texting somebody that’s standing right next to them. I’ve seen it happening!

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