These Lines


By Alanna Pass

from my pencil
anchor me to this earth
like a kite on a string.
These lines
form words on these pages
giving shape to my thoughts
running wild in my head.
These lines that form words
are lassoed into sentences, then paragraphs
a calm order brought from the spiraling chaos.
My soul is tamed
At least for a while
From the simple act of writing.


5 thoughts on “These Lines

  1. I feel this way too, but sometimes I avoid it because I don’t want to believe the truth that comes out of my pencil. But I’m eeding a bit of grounding myself right now. Thanks for the prompt, I think I’ll set down and write.

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  2. I have to look at it mearly as processing. For me its like being out fishing. It’s nice being out & if you get something on the line it’s an added bonus!


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